Why So Good?


What makes Goodwyns so good?

Made with fresh chicken

Made with Fresh Meat

Fresh meat is one of the main components in our food and treats to ensure that your dog gets the most out of this fine ingredient, we include lots of fresh chicken and lamb in our recipes which is easy for the stomach to digest and are a healthy source of protein.


Many dogs suffer food sensitivities from meat, soya and dairy products, causing discomfort and health problems. To enable your dog to enjoy Goodwyns without any complaint, we include prebiotic fibres from sugar beet and chicory, helping to maintain a healthy gut. 

Natural antioxidants

Natural Antioxidants

Rosemary and marigold extract support a dogs immune system and contain natural antioxidants which help to reduce free radicals in the body, resulting in an all over healthier dog. Wheat and cereal products are also known to give some dogs health complaints as they are not a part of a canine’s natural diet; oats are healthy carbohydrates that provide slow release energy.

Omega 3

Rich in Omega 3 & 6

Known to be highly beneficial for skin and coat health, as well as brain and eye development and even muscle and joint suppleness, omega oils are a natural inclusion of the oily fish and linseeds promoting a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Gluten Free

Wheat Gluten Free

No wheat or wheat gluten, means it's easy on your dog’s digestive system. Goodwyns Grain Free is hypo-allergenic and free from many of the ingredients which are renowned for causing food intolerances. The carbohydrate content of our food comes from rice, oats and barley. They are not only a valuable energy source but delicate on your dog’s digestion too.

Less smelly stools

Natural Yucca Extract

Extract from the yucca plant is said to naturally help the body remove toxins and facilitate digestion. Yucca extract may also reduce body odour as well as the smell of the urine/feaces.