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Wet and dry holistic foods, made with lots of TLC and full of good stuff for dogs.

Designed with dogs in mind, Goodwyns is packed with holistic, natural ingredients (and more meat than most) that taste great and are kind on tummies. Made right here in the UK to hypoallergenic recipes, our foods promote the overall wellbeing of dogs and address common complaints including skin irritation, poor digestion, joint problems and excess weight. 

What makes Goodwyns so good?

  • Made with fresh chicken
    Fresh ingredients
  • Natural Prebiotics
    Prebiotic for a healthy gut
  • Natural antioxidants
    Antioxidants for improved immunity
  • Omega 3
    Salmon oil for skin, coat & joint health
  • Gluten Free
    Wheat Gluten Free / Grain Free varieties
  • Less smelly stools
    Yucca extract for healthy digestion  

There's always lots of good stuff happening at Goodwyns

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